Daisies in a Jar~perfect for a picnic in the countryside, by the lake or under a magnificent Oak.

Days go by slowly when swinging.

When is the last time YOU picked wildflowers or hopped into a swing?

So I ask, WHAT is UP with that?!

Go FIND the nearest SWING!

Mothers and Daughters~

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About the Images

The South is perched along the Gulf Coast, where salty southern breezes tempt visitors to slow it down, take off their shoes, pull up a lounge chair and watch the tide roll in and out.

Keep your eyes peeled for a crab to scurry sideways, a dolphin to leap or a fishing boat to meander by.

Ah, these are just a few

scenes of the South. 

Y'all. Maybe overused but always meant from the heart!

Artwork by Allison Adams

Allison is an Alabama (Southern) artist, photographer, blogger, long time "journalette" (since she was 5 with the diaries to prove it), mother of 3, designer and Realtor with a love of coloring and doodling! Follow her blog at www.allisonpadams.com

Southern Scribblings

Life a full box of crayons. We dig in and see what colors come out! Don’t like yours?

Color your way to creativity and a new way of seeing your life!

It’s all the rage, adults reaching back to childhood to re-discover their inner creativity.  Amazon's BEST SELLERS are showing that the world is escaping to slower, more enjoyable activities, such as doodling, coloring and sketching. Re-capture days spent coloring, creating, passing time without checking the clock.  

See what you can unearth in your childhood. Maybe a new heart, maybe adventure. Maybe a bit of peace is simply enough.

Enjoy these coloring pages, with open spaces~ not too much detail and learn a bit about the South as you sit on your imaginary front porch with those who already experience a slower pace of life! Southern? Embrace your roots, Y'all!

The book (Available for Mother's Day) includes exercises to take you back to the days when you didn't second guess what you loved to do. Journaling extracts the clutter while doodling and coloring open the mind to the creativity gurgling beneath the surface. There is also a daily calendar/planner to help you incorporate gratitude and creativity in EVERY day of your life.