Daisies in a Jar~perfect for a picnic in the countryside, by the lake or under a magnificent Oak.

Days go by slowly when swinging.

When is the last time YOU picked wildflowers or hopped into a swing?

So I ask, WHAT is UP with that?!

Go FIND the nearest SWING!

Mothers and Daughters~

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About the Images

The South is perched along the Gulf Coast, where salty southern breezes tempt visitors to slow it down, take off their shoes, pull up a lounge chair and watch the tide roll in and out.

Keep your eyes peeled for a crab to scurry sideways, a dolphin to leap or a fishing boat to meander by.

Ah, these are just a few

scenes of the South. 

Y'all. Maybe overused but always meant from the heart!

Southern Scribblings

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